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Due to a combination of late nights and poor sleep habits, exhausting work week and everyday hurry, we have more than one reason to look for puff-reducing, bag-demolishing eye cream. The face is the first thing influenced, and sooner or later it has to be taken care of.

The sooner you start treating those dark eye circles, the faster they will be removed by glowing, fresh, good-looking skin. Trephin cream is a complete eye treatment that delivers instant visible brightening with serious long-term skincare benefits.


Formulated with a light-infusing blend of rosa roxburghii, white peony, ume, magnolia, this hard-working eye cream soothes the under-eye skin and minimizes the appearance of dark circles, and reduces puffiness.

Featuring a blend of ingredients that can hydrate, protect, and most importantly, brighten, this gentle cream can improve the appearance of your skin and support its natural collagen production to smooth away the imperfections.

Rosa roxburghii

The vitamin C-enriched flower works as long-term brightening feature. It also helps fade brown spots, so if your dark circles are the result of discoloration, this one’s for you. You get to target under-eye bags, dullness, diminish dark circles and boost radiance with every dab.

Special tip:

Trephin cream has a beautiful illuminating finish and goes on smoothly, making it a great pre-makeup step. Using our cream, you can skip the concealer

Natural Repair

Trephin works to promote your skin’s natural repair process, while visibly removes signs of tiredness, pollution, UV exposure and even blue light damage. By tackling these factors, it boosts radiance, thus the eyes appear brighter and more fresh.

About our product

  • Complete eye care

  • Moisturizes the skin

  • Light-infusing formula

  • Smooths away imperfections

  • Minimizes dark circles and bags

  • Improves the appearance

Price: €29.99

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